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Thanks for your interest in taking our survey! We are looking for active, engaged and all around FABULOUS women interested in getting fit, excited to try a new fitness video game and most importantly, who want to have fun doing it! This is a unique opportunity to participate in a nationwide video game launch, so not only will you be getting fit, but you will be participating in and supported by an online community of like-minded women! You may also be invited to host your very own house party to introduce the game to your neighborhood friends during this time.
What we’re looking for:
- Women between ages 25-45
- Preferably women who have at least one child between ages 3-17 years
- Must own a Nintendo Wii at home
- Actively participates in groups such as: PTA/PTO, school board, church, volunteer work, fundraising, professional associations, community groups, parenting groups, book clubs, etc.
- Actively seeks and shares educational knowledge and resources using the Internet, particularly around education and child development
- Has a wide ranging social network

This game is a fun, easy to learn exercise based video game for you to use, all from the comfort of your own home! It's not just a workout, but a holistic program that encourages healthy nutrition and fitness habits, which you can track using the in-game journal. A few key things:
- The game is compatible with the Wii (There is NO need for the Wii Fit Board)
- The game is designed to be used for 15 -20 minutes a day
- The game acts like a personal trainer, tracking your movements and giving you real-time feedback

If you are interested and think you are a good fit, please follow the link below and fill out our survey. Entries close May 11th, so don't wait to respond!

If qualified, you will be contacted by Ammo with further details and will receive a free copy of the game when it launches. If you know another women that might be a fit for this exciting opportunity, please feel free to forward the link to this survey to her. Thank you in advance for your interest!

The Ammo Team


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