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Right now, while supplies last, you can sign up for a free quart of Glidden paint in your choice of any of their 282 colors.

Note: The website is a little slow due to heavy traffic, but give it some time to load and you should be able to get in. If you can't get through, you can also request one at 1-800-GLIDDEN (1-800-454-3336).
I will update this page with new information as it becomes available.

20/20 Research - Generally performs online "bulletin board" research where participants log on to a website at times convenient to them to answer questions and respond to comments posted by other participants. 20/20 also conducts in-person focus groups in Nashville, CHarlotte, & Miami. Average pay is $60-$100 per study.

American Consumer Opinion - Mails a check for each completed survey.

Buzzback - Choice of a mailed check or Paypal for each completed survey. Surveys fill quickly, so if you receive an email don't delay.

CLER (Computer Lab for Experimental Research) by Harvard Business School - Must check site for open studies and sign up for them. Generally pays in $5 Amazon.com gift certificates. Must be 18+ and a U.S. Citizen. If you live near Harvard you can also sign up for in-person studies that average $20-$25 per session. For studies paying $75+ or totaling $600+ in a calendar year, you will be required to submit your social security number for tax purposes (they are reputable, I've used them for years and never had a problem).

Columbia University Center for the Decision Sciences (CDS) - Pays an average of $16/hour in the form of Paypal or Amazon.com gift certificates. Must be 18+.

e-Rewards - Earn points to use on rewards such as free in-store Blockbuster movie/game rentals, frequent flyer miles and hotel points, flower gift certificates, coupons to various retailers, etc. You have to request membership through the e-rewards website from any of the sponsors such as Blockbuster or Hertz, but you shouldn't have any problem getting accepted regardless of whether or not you're a current customer. While the rewards are somewhat lacking, it's worth it to me to get free flowers once a year. In my opinion, Blockbuster and FTD are the best rewards they offer (many of the others require a minimum purchase amount higher than the amount of the gc).

Focus Forward - Paid Surveys, focus groups, telephone interviews, and product testing. Payments accumulate in account and you can request a check once you reach $10. Once you reach $10, you must request payment within 12 months or payment shall be forfeited. Surveys generally pay between $1-$5, focus groups between $50-$200.

Focusline Surveys - Currently pays a $5 incentive to join. Can cash out at $25 by Paypal or Amazon.com gift certificate.

GARB Online (Great Apparel Research Board) - Product testing of clothing items. You will get to keep the clothing and will also be compensated by check or gift card (I usually receive Target gift cards). GARB is operated by u30.

Greenfield Online - Can request payment at any time by Paypal or check. They tend to send out a lot of survey invitations that don't pay well or at all, but it is worth signing up for the occasional high-paying survey, product test, or online focus group.

HCD Surveys - Earn points for each survey, 100 points equals $1. Surveys average $1-$5. Can request a check at $10 (1000 points). Surveys are generally interesting and include a video from a recent current event, advertisement, political debate, etc.

i.think inc - All incentives are paid by check sent through the mail 6-8 weeks after the survey closes.

Ipsos i-Say - Earn points that can be redeemed for a wide variety of gift cards and merchandise once you reach 50 points.

Keynote Research Panel - Pays exclusively in Amazon.com gift certificates. Must use IE or Netscape for their studies.

Lightspeed - Earn points to redeem for Paypal or a wide variety of gift cards and merchandise.

LiveWire Research - They send screener surveys that take around a minute to complete. If you qualify based on the screener you will receive another email with the survey link, generally within 24 hours. Surveys generally pay well, and payments will be sent by check for each survey completed. They must have your social security number on file to process payments so that if you earn more than $600 a year they can report it to the IRS for tax purposes. (I have been a member for years with no problem.)

Mindfield Online - Can request payment by check or Paypal when you reach $5.

My Survey - Can request payment by check at $10 (1000 points) or redeem for gift certificates/merchandise. Surveys frequently lead to product tests (I get more product tests from this site than any other survey site I belong to).

OpinionSquare - Earn points to redeem for merchandise and gift certificates from rewards catalog.

PanelPolls (Nick Jr.) - Must have kids to participate (age 3-14). Most panels consist of watching a Nick Jr. program (normally half an hour long) with child and then taking the survey together. Each survey generally pays $5. Can request a check once you reach $10 (10,000 points).

Pinecone Research - Many consider this to be the cream of the crop when it comes to paid survey sites, though as with many sites in the current economy they no longer pay as much as they used to. Currently surveys pay $3 each. You can only sign up through an advertising banner or a specific invitation and it is very difficult to be accepted into, so if you ever see a banner online sign up quickly (they don't stay in one place for long). Pays by Paypal or check for each survey taken. Product tests include additional compensation.

Qualitative Insights - In-person and online focus groups, telephone surveys. They pay well ($30-$150+ for phone surveys in my experience).

Stanford Behavioral Lab - Must check site for new studies which generally pay $5 in Paypal or Amazon gift certificates. If you live in the Stanford area you can do in-person studies that pay more. Social security number is no longer required unless you do a study paying $100 or more. Surveys are always interesting and generally not too long.

SurveySavvy - Can request payment by check at any time. You can also earn incentives for each survey taken by a friend you referred as well as by any friends that your friend referred. From this site I get the most invitations to join research panels (such as through Communispace) that pay monthly incentives (Amazon) for participating in their forum. While their surveys have been paying less than they used to due to the economy, in my experience they screen surveys better then most so that you qualify and earn payment for the majority of surveys they send you.

SurveyRx - Earn SIPs (1 SIP = $1) to redeem by check or for Amazon gift certificates. Surveys are health-related.

SurveySpot - Currently switching all payments to Paypal.

Synovate (Global Opinion Panels) - Earn points to redeem for payment by check. Must earn $5 (5000 points) to request payment. I only occasionally complete surveys for them because they are generally long and don't pay as well, and I don't qualify for the ones they send me as often as with other sites.

testspin - Pays by Paypal or Amazon.com gift certificates. Must reach $10 to request payment. Amazon codes are only available in $10 increments.

TruePanel - If you are selected for a study, they will send you a webcam and headset to use for a video conference survey. You will get to keep the webcam/headset and can use it for subsequent studies which you will be compensated for by check.

u30 - Mostly product testing. You will get to keep the products and will generally receive additional compensation by check or gift card.

UCLA Anderson Behavioral Lab - Must check site for available surveys as they will not be emailed to you. Pays via Paypal (amount varies). Surveys are always interesting and generally not too long.

Viewpoint Forum - Can request a check after 375 points ($10). Besides paid surveys, it is not uncommon to receive a product test or online focus group invitation from them.

wRatings Panel - Qualifying surveys are sent out quarterly. You can qualify for multiple surveys based on the qualifying survey, and each one generally pays $5 by online gift card (I have always received either Amazon or Circuit City codes). Formerly Kanbay Research and even more formerly Advanced Research.

Toluna (previously Your2Cents) - Pays $1-$5 per survey. Also earn points by completing profiles and other activities on website. Checks can be requested after reaching $10 (30,000 points) and will be sent in $10 increments only (balance will remain in account). You can earn additional points by completing profiles.
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I recommend setting up a separate email account for surveys, sweepstakes, etc, and then signing up for all or most of these survey sites. Then you can easily ignore all unpaid or low-paying surveys and still have enough among the rest to make a decent amount from them. Personally I like to save all of my rewards until October and then cash out of all of them so that I have a nice little bonus to add to my Christmas shopping fund. Be sure to keep all profiles up-to-date so that you can receive the surveys you will be most likely to qualify for.

My Favorites:
Viewpoint Forum
Stanford Behavioral Lab
We are looking for people who deal with workplace injuries for their company in the following industries for a 1 hour telephone interview regarding the impact of workplace injuries on your organization.

The Interview is paying $150.00 and we can schedule around your convenience.

Healthcare Services:
General medical and surgical hospitals
Nursing Care Facilities
Community care facilities for the elderly

Retail and Wholesale Stores:
Grocery Stores
Other general merchandise stores
Department stores
Grocery and related product merchant wholesalers

Building Construction and Services:
Building equipment contractors
Services to buildings and dwellings
Building materials and supplies dealers
Foundation, structure and building exterior contractors

Transport Services:
General Freight Trucking

We are looking for people with the following titles (or your company’s equivalent):

Benefits Manager
Risk Manager
Health and Safety Manager
Ergonomic Specialist
Human Resources Manager

If this is you, please reply back with the following information in your email:

Your Name:
Your title and description of duties:
How long you have been handling workplace injuries:
Phone number:
Your company name:
Description of what your company does:
Company website:


Anna Bagdatyan l Phone Room Supervisor
Qualitative Insights
15060 Ventura Blvd. Ste. 125
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
P l (818) 988-5411
F l (818) 988-4057

NOTE: Reply to abagdatyan@q-insights.com with subject: "Re: Qualitative Insights- Work Place Injury Interview $150‏"
Megan at AllAmericanDirect.com was kind enough to pass along the following info on their monthly giveaway for any of my readers who might be interested:

WHO: AllAmericanDirect.com, a leading e-commerce provider of consumer electronics and satellite services

WHAT: LG 42" 1080p LCD HDTV Giveaway (value $1049)

WHEN: Enter NOW through June 30th

WHERE: http://www.allamericandirect.com/enter-win-monthly-contest

HOW: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Log on to http://www.allamericandirect.com/enter-win-monthly-contest and simply complete the Sweepstakes entry form.

Thanks, Megan, and good luck to everyone!

Note from the rules: Limit one entry per person per day. By entering this Sweepstakes you agree to allow AllAmericanDirect.com to send you email communications, including but not limited to marketing, advertising and notification of the winner. You understand you may opt-out of receiving these email communications at anytime by clicking on the unsubscribe link contained within the email.
Click here to apply:

The Internet can be a danger zone for viruses with malware designed to steal private data and more. Our client has created an innovative software that approaches the problem from a different perspective which is designed to be less prone to new malware strains.

If you are frequently online using secure data and want piece of mind when you are entering your personal details, then this test is for you. You will need to have a personal computer with Windows XP or Vista installed as your primary operating system.

Remember, being a beta test volunteer means spending time daily engaged in testing and providing feedback in the Centercode system. If you are unwilling to commit to participate in the beta test, do not apply for this opportunity. We invite anyone with a computer at home to apply for this test!